Monday, May 05, 2008

Yay Monday

Happy Cinco de Mayo (or as today is being known around here Vacuum-Shipping Day!)

We had a delightfully dull weekend. Curtis spent all day Saturday with his giant pile of grading (snoresville). Sunday, we went to church, drove over to the Huntington Gardens and sauntered through the roses, and played board games with Zifnab & Co. Thomas was amazingly good throughout the day. The only rough patch was when he decided that he'd had enough with board games, wanted a nap, and did NOT want to nap in his portacrib. His siren imitation was the signal that it was time to go.

Today is housecleaning day. Dusting, kitchen/bathroom washing, and laundry. Then I'd like to figure out some Mexican food for dinner. I sort of enjoy Mondays since there's always that sense of "getting back to real life" and re-establishing our routines after taking the weekend off.

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