Friday, May 09, 2008

Hooray! It Sucks!

I love my new vacuum. Our old vacuum was Curtis's mom's old vacuum that she had been using to frighten the cat out of using the dog door. I'm not sure how old it was (I can't even remember how long we've had it,) but it was hard to push, didn't pick up clumps of cat hair, had no attachments, and shot dust if you bumped the bag. It was so hard to push, that it put a lot of pressure across my poor, pregnant belly (which meant I had to remember to ask Curtis to vacuum while he was home.) Breaking our last belt was sort of the last straw.

I picked out this vacuum from Amazon after reading lots of Amazon reviews, Consumer Reports, and user reviews from Consumer Reports. This one ranked excellent on pet hair and on carpets. Curtis had gotten Amazon gift cards from the Parents' Association for Christmas and we'd been saving them for something we really needed. Unfortunately, choosing free shipping meant that it didn't leave the warehouse for a week. I set aside Wednesday to play with my new toy, but it didn't get here until after Thomas was asleep. Then Thursday was my day out, but at last I got to try it out.

It's great. It pushes so easily. It's bagless, so I can see how much gunk I'm picking up. It gets the clumps of cat hair on the first pass, but did try to eat my shoes after I ran over the laces. It has a light on the front. A HEPA filter means that the room smells better after I vacuum instead of the vacuum shooting dust into the air. It also has several attachments which are built into the vacuum. I went over our favorite chairs and it turns out that they really are blue under the orange fur (they're Beckham's favorite chairs too.) Oh, and the handle folds down to make it even easier to store. I've been trying to improve my housekeeping skills and build some good habits before the baby comes. Hopefully, vacuuming will stop being the chore I dread and put off too long.

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