Saturday, May 10, 2008

In the News

One Well-Read Baby

I don't usually like mentioning current events or politics on this blog, but I've been following several stories in the news that I'd like to comment on.

1. Trivially, remember to mail off your letters and packages today before USPS rates go up on Monday. We also bought enough forever stamps to be able to send off birth announcements next month.

2. People are talking that the Clinton campaign is finished and that Obama will be the Democratic nominee. It's been really fun watching a primary season that actually mattered. I'm kind of sad that California voted so early. I think the real test will be whether Clinton and her supporters will rally behind Obama going into the general election. Part of me hopes that she'll pull a "Bull Moose" and form her own party just for the entertaining chaos that would result.

3. While I am not normally a fan of the federal government, I thank God that we live in a free, functioning democracy after seeing the government of Myanmar (Burma) react to the calamity there. I'm praying for the additional thousands of people who will die because of their government's fear of losing power.

4. Speaking of calamities, we should all fast, pray, and donate money to help the people who will starve to death this year. Every time Curtis or I grumble about the cost of groceries, I'm grateful that we can still afford to feed our family even if we have to cut costs. Many people can no longer afford to buy enough food to survive and global prices continue to rise.

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Cheryl F.M. said...

On the last pastor just challenged the church yesterday to donate part of our incoming "economic stimulus" check to clean water efforts or food programs. I'm with you on the "gotta cut costs, grumble grumble" but dangnabit - we have never and will likely never go hungry, except when we've been on a diet.