Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Recap

Sunday, we went to brunch with a friend's family after church at her parents' house. Thomas got tired near the end of Mass and decided the cure was to scream. A lot. All the way to our friends' and for quite a while once we were there. Then he was finally distracted long enough to notice that he was in a different place and wanted to explore. He never did take a morning nap.

After brunch we brought him home for a long nap in his crib. Then we went to the zoo. We tried pointing out animals to him, but he'd rather look at the people. He only liked the animals that were a) close by, b) moving, and c) making noise. Not many zoo creatures will be that active. He did like the weaver birds and the capuchin monkeys quite a bit. He also liked the plants, the man with a camera, and the red-striped shirt on a different man.

Watching the Monkeys

"You Lookin' at Me"


Anonymous said...

You can really see the resemblence to Curtis in this picture.

boxedcookies said...

I hope Ruthann brings some of the Ives resemblence home