Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thomas's First Swim

In the same month as his first snow, Thomas had his first swim. (Isn't California amazing?). March 29-31, we went to Palm Springs to visit Thomas's great-grandparents. Every day, they go to a hot spring for exercise, relaxation, and socializing. I got Thomas a package of swim diapers and a cool swimsuit with built in flotation devices so he could have his first dip in a pool. He LOVES the bath, but had never been in deeper water. We started out in the wading pool where he liked walking around (with me supporting him) and splashing with both hands. Then we took him into one of the warmer, normal pools. He didn't like if his feet floated up, but as long as he was held vertically, he smacked that water with workman-like efficiency. Not many kids can say that they've gone swimming with their great-grandparents.

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