Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee

Unlike yesterday, when we were refugees from the roaches. Some apartment upstairs has a roach problem, so all the neighboring apartments got sprayed. We had to pack up everything from the kitchen and bathroom and move it to one of the other rooms. Then Thomas, Beckham, and I had to stay out for 6-8 hrs after the spraying. It's hard to find something to do that you can take a cat to. We went over to a friend's apartment in Pasadena.

I had forgotten to write down their lab's phone number before I left, so the three of us walked from their apartment to campus. Beckham got lots of looks, though I carried it most of the time. Then we had to walk back, which was just too much for the cat. Lots of pathetic meowing and panting. The poor thing hadn't had so much exercise in years and was hot and tired. Curtis wonders how it ever survived outside. It spent the rest of the day sleeping on their couch to recover.

But now we're back and I get to move everything BACK into the kitchen and bathroom, not to mention that I'm behind on laundry and the other chores I would normally have done Monday and over the weekend. Sigh. Maybe a nap is in order if Thomas would agree.

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