Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clean Kitchen

I've been inspired lately to work on my housekeeping skills. It's been a snowballing project that started with the book my mom's group is reading, proceeded to a library search on home management/housekeeping/spirituality, and led to the discovery of the housekeeping bible. This book is all about turning that place you live into a home. It is a great reference book for teaching you how to do all the things that (even if your mother tried to teach you,) you never bothered to learn. After skimming through the book, I DUSTED! For the first time, oh, ever. I actually thought about how hygienic our living space is. I ordered a new vacuum. I discovered that the reason that I thought mopping was a waste of time was because I was doing it with the wrong kind of liquid. For around $3, I now have the joy of a kitchen floor that looks nearly new and is pleasant to walk on barefoot.

I've been surprised by what a difference this has made in my mood. Life just seems better when you wake up on clean sheets and cooking is easier and more fun in a clean kitchen. Now hopefully I can work on making cleaning a habit that will last through late pregnancy and new baby. (I can't wait for my new vacuum to arrive!)

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