Sunday, February 04, 2007

SuperBowl Highlights

The Party: Just the two of us and the cat chilling at home.

The Food: I made Buffalo Legs using drumsticks instead of wings. There was also tortilla strips and my own recipe of nacho cheese sauce as well as his and hers salsas and sour cream. He got beer, I got lemonade.

Favorite ad: Torn between "I'm your bank manager and this is a robbery" and the beard combover. You can see all the ads here.

Worst $2.6M ad: The moon office. I mean, why the heck was there zero-gravity? On the MOON?! Ooh, wait, there was also the icky medicine ad to help men pee.

Favorite moment: Screaming at the Bears quarterback for throwing to a man being covered by three opponents instead of continuing to run down the empty area of the field. Curtis loves me when I'm totally being a guy.

Least manly moment: Curtis's dad missed the first half of the game because he was attending a play. I mean ON SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! *We* persuaded the women in charge of religious ed to move class so we could teach and still watch the game.

Worst moment: The halftime show. BOR-RING! The artist formerly known as "The artist formerly known as Prince" and some random marching band.


willowlaughter said...

sounds like fun! Jonathan and I missed the entire thing - we went to mass at 6pm and then had dinner. no cable.

jenny said...

No cable here either. It's always on network tv. This year, CBS.

willowlaughter said...

I should amend that - nothing but fuzz here... we keep talking about getting rabbit ears to see if that would help, but we still haven't...