Monday, February 05, 2007

Las Vegas Women's Fair

On Saturday, I decided to go to the Las Vegas Women's Fair while Curtis was at baseball practice. These types of fairs usually focus on women's health and wellness as well as family and children's resources. I should have known that Vegas would do things differently. Some things were the same like the domestic violence shelter booth, the fertility center, and the special appearances by the stars of soap operas I've never heard of. On the other hand, there are not usually so many free alcohol samplings (I missed out) including a new type of vodka that was being served by pouring through this awesome ice sculpture. Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures, but I only had my phone with me.

The main entertainment was "American Storm (as seen on VH1!)". They were a male strip show. I'd never actually seen that type of show before. (I lead a sheltered life.) It surprised me that the guys started out wearing suits and ties. I would have thought they'd wear something more fantasy-based, but then again, men look good in suit and tie. At first 3 guys danced around and then took off their jackets (racy), ties, and then shirts. Surprising number of tattoos and (ick!) nipple piercings. Then a different guy came out and went down to his boxers. He would also jump down from the small stage and hugs women in the crowd and took up a victim, I mean volunteer, to terrorize. It was all rather silly.

They also had another, smaller stage set up for demonstrations. While I was there, the demo was Pole Dancing by a company called "Stripper 101." The woman explained that she offered lessons in pole dancing, lap dancing, and transitional moves including music and costume suggestions. Then she did a demo of the types of moves you could learn. I was impressed that she could hang upside-down on the pole, twirl around it, and slowly move down it all at the same time make it seem somehow attractive.

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