Friday, January 11, 2008

Crawling and Feeding

Yesterday, we achieved crawl. While he often reverts back to his proto-crawl (where he puts his chest down between steps), he is now MUCH faster. He's now going into the kitchen and hallway and trying to go into the bathroom (ewww, litterbox). Today he and I are going to go check out baby-proofing gear that won't outsmart the world's stupidest cat.

He also got to feed himself dinner. I gave him some green beans, but he wasn't too excited by them. Curtis made him some whole-wheat pasta shells, and well, he seemed pretty pleased.


willowlaughter said...

*sigh* That baby of yours is soooooooooooo cute :-) I miss him like crazy!

Cheryl F. said...

That is one happy baby. :) Keep the pics coming!