Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Change of Date

Another checkup with my doctor yesterday. Got weighed, measured, and peed in a cup, the usual. Lost a little weight since my last visit, but hopefully, now that my appetite is back, I can start gaining some. Also, based on the ultrasound that I had, they've moved my due date to June 26 from the 12th. That's a pretty big change given that they'll induce labor if you go two weeks over your due date.

We also started the paperwork for the big ultrasound to occur sometime mid-February. As long as Baby R is cooperative, we should find out boy or girl then. At least the first ultrasound stopped the twins-plus nightmares. Last night, I instead dreamed that we were driving too fast down US-65 only with all the pavement removed and then drove off a cliff into Truman Reservoir. At least, in the dream, I faced death calmly. I really hate these vivid pregnancy dreams.

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