Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Like My New Doctor

Why my new doctor (Dr. Little) is WAY better than the guy I started going to:
* The building has large amounts of free parking.
* When I arrived, the staff not only knew why I was there, they also already had the copay form filled out for me to sign.
* My time was respected. I did not have to wait an hour in the waiting room; instead, I was walking out of the building an hour after my appointment time.
* My doctor spent most of that time TALKING to me. She covered her policies, the hospital, diet, supplements, medicines, and a whole bunch of other things.
* She tried to listen for a heartbeat, but the baby must have been back-up, since she couldn't hear anything. Next time.
* She requested an ultrasound from my insurance company. Hopefully next week I'll get the approval to make the appointment and finally see this baby.
* They also gave me a goody bag with a bunch of prenatal vitamin samples, coupons, info, and the hospital's pre-admission forms.
* She even looked over the records I brought from my first pregnancy so I didn't have to duplicate some blood tests, saving me (and the insurance company) money.

Yay! Reassuring Competence!

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