Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Classic Parenting Line #1

Curtis and I have decided to number the "classic parenting lines" as we find ourselves using them. All parents of toddlers (and newly mobile infants) will recognize #1.

"No, no! Don't eat that!"

It has corollaries: "Don't put that in your mouth!"; "Spit it out!"; "We don't eat _____."

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Lidarose said...

Reminds me of my friend Gretchen, who once upon a time went to the doctor for a well check of her 3rd child (who was about 6 months old) and the nurse asked her what the baby was eating these days besides breastmilk... and Gretchen replied, without skipping a beat, "Cat food and rug fuzz!"
I'd say you and Curtis are picking up on this parenting stuff. Just don't panic.