Friday, September 28, 2007

Big Day Out

Yesterday was a busy day. I think it was the most time I've spent out of the house (not counting overnight trips) since we moved. In the morning, Thomas and I went to a "Mom's Meeting" at the local church. It was nice to meet more people and see some older babies. It's just amazing what a difference a few months makes in development.

It was street-cleaning day, so we couldn't go home after the meeting and did our usual errands. I'm so proud to be a regular at Tommy's. The guy at the counter remembered me and most of my order. I only go there once a week when I have to move my car for street-sweeping. We also went to the library and the grocery store.

I made marinated, roast chicken and a creamy pear tart for dinner, then the three of us went to school for Back to School Night, which was basically the open house for the parents. Thomas was a big hit. Lots of people wanted to hold and entertain him. I think I may have given some of them the desire to start all over again. One woman there actually did have a sophomore AND a five-month-old. Thomas was fairly excited to see the other baby (though not as excited as for a mirror). At one point, Thomas vocalized and Shane (the other baby) started to cry. Both of us mom's wondered what it was that he said. I'm hoping it was something like "My mom's cooler than yours."

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