Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby For Sale - Cheap

I wasn't going to write much of anything since Thomas has been screaming most of the morning, but I set him on the floor to type a quick note here and now he's happy, holding a soft rattle and sucking his thumb. Sigh.

If this is teething, it sure involves a lot of screaming. Screams that could strip paint off the walls. Yesterday afternoon was awful. Thomas decided to scream most of the afternoon causing me to turn dinner into a thick layer of scorch. By the time Curtis got home, I had a massive headache, no dinner, and a very stinky apartment. The baby had finally calmed down, but I hadn't. So Applebees made dinner (thanks Marla & Craig for the gift card!) Of course, in the restaurant, he was good as gold and flirted with the servers.

Now he seems to have gone to sleep after rolling half onto some of Curtis's textbooks. The test will be if I can move him into his crib without totally waking him. Maybe I might actually get some dishes washed.

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Cheryl F. said...

I've heard a bit of booze in baby's bottle helps...:) Also earplugs for you. This doesn't sound like a fun time, but teething is a process with a definite end. Does he get any comfort from those chilled teething rings? Poor baby, and poor mom!