Thursday, November 23, 2006

On the road again . . .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We're in Fresno. The 7 hr drive took more like 8 and a half with the traffic in Vegas and the three bathroom breaks. The cat completely took the road trip in stride. It lay curled up on my lap pretty much the whole trip. Beckham isn't wild about Max (the dog), but was quite happy to spend the day sleeping on the corner of the bed in a sunbeam. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Slate's, a fancy Fresno restaurant, with Gramy and Curtis's parents. We also took some pictures for our Xmas cards.

Wednesday was my uber-ultrasound appointment. I got several pictures, but forgot them in my car. I'll post some when we get home Sat or Sun. The short of it is that there's no evidence of any birth defects or heart problems. According to the measurements made, the baby now weighs one pound and the feet I feel kicking me are each only an inch and a half long. It's also definitely a boy.

Tomorrow, we're going out early for some Black Friday shopping. Lot's of fun with the crowds. Brought my Santa hat and everything. There's also rumors that Mom and Dad might put up the tree tomorrow. Since I've never seen their house decorated for Christmas in the 4 years I've been married to their son, I'm pretty excited. UPDATE: The tree is up after a seven year hiatus!!!!

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jenny said...

I just noticed that Bex did make the picture. He's peeking from behind Curtis's knee.