Sunday, November 05, 2006


Curtis's last-minute Halloween costume. He was one of the best costumed teachers. One student commented that she found it difficult to take him seriously in a kilt. When he told her that the alternate costume was a Hawaiian shirt and coconut bra, she said that would have been impossible to take seriously.

Best joke of the day:
Q: Do you know why it's called a kilt?
A: Because I kil't the last person who called it a skirt.


Anonymous said...

Cute! :) I went as "nothing" for Halloween...and given that the church rents out to a school, and lots of little (and not so little) kids were running around dressed up, I felt a trifle lame.

Anonymous said...

What is that on his head?

I was a witch. One of the only people on my aisle who even bothered...

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great! Did you guys make it or borrow from someone?

I wasn't allowed to dress up at work and afterwards, I was just too lazy.


jenny said...

He's wearing a noggin wrap. Very traditional. His uncle gave him the kilt and wrap for Christmas a few years ago. It's their family's plaid, Royal Stuart.