Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Having Kids Makes You Boring

Remember in high school when you thought your parents were the most boring people in the world? And how they got more interesting as you got older after leaving home? Turns out that it's not that you were gaining a mature outlook, it's that it was you who was making them boring.

A job candidate at Curtis's school asked what people did for fun. He had no clue.

Neither of us expected that having kids would change things so much. There's quite a lot of things that we can do and take Thomas along. But we have to work around his feeding/sleeping schedule, otherwise he's just unpleasant to be around. So we eat at restaurants with the "Early Bird" senior citizens and try to go out either mid-morning or early afternoon (not much crazy fun to be had at 10am).

So, sorry Mom and Dad for being such a drag for 18 years, and for all your childless folks, "Enjoy your evenings while you can."

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