Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Visit with my Folks

My parents were here for a week and had a great time spoiling their grandbaby. Thomas enjoyed the constant attention. Though, after they left for the airport, he had to take three long naps (even one in the middle of breakfast) because he was so tuckered out.

Curtis was gone for most of their visit between work, football conditioning, and tutoring. Saturday was his (28th) birthday and his parents sent him (and his dad) to Fontana, CA for the weekend to watch the Nascar races. Unfortunately, it rained much of the time, but they had enough fun that they're already planning to do it again in August.

My folks and I mostly stayed close to home, but we did go to Mission San Fernando and the L.A. Zoo as well as some church events (mmm, church food).

Yesterday was strangely quiet after they left. I did four loads of laundry, spruced up the apartment, and turned the guest room back into a den. It's sort of nice to get back to the regular routine, but it was also kind of lonely after having people around all day.

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