Friday, May 25, 2007

Does he know how cute he is?

Curtis and I often wonder at what point Thomas will be smarter than Beckham (who is one of the world's dumber cats). Beckham seems to be self-aware. It knows what is part of its body and what isn't (though it does sometimes miss its tail and wash the footstool instead). Thomas does not seem to realize that his arms and legs belong to him. Or perhaps he does and just can't control them. How do you tell the difference? Does he know who the Baby in the Mirror is? Is he trying to look cute?

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Lidarose said...

Hey, Thomas is already way smarter than Beckham: he sleeps when he's tired, gets someone to deliver food promptly when he's hungry and clean him up when he is wet or soiled, and has two grown-ups totally enrapt with him, which is as it should be, at this point! He just hasn't gotten around to sharing his baby wisdom with you yet :)