Monday, May 14, 2007

Baby's First Gym Membership


willowlaughter said...

Sweet! Happy six-week-iversary to Thomas :-) Oh wait, that's more of a gift for his mom ;-)

Anonymous said...

There are just so many things to comment on here:
Is there a corresponding Girl Playroom?
Whats that in the background of his photo?
Did it come with a lanyard for him to wear?
He isn't quite old enough to play, what does he do in the playroom and is he supervised?

jenny said...

Today was the first day he actually went there. It looked like the boys and girls were playing together, so I think it just indicates that he is a boy.

I was holding him propped up on the edge of the desk for the photo, so I think that is his stroller behind him.

He doesn't have to wear the thing, it's used to check him in and then they keep it at the desk. My picture and info are on the back in case they need to page me.

While there's this huge jungle gym thing for the kids and some other toys and equipment, for the babies there is a row of cribs.

There were a bunch of attendants including one woman who looked like a nurse. It's a pretty limited arrangement. A child can come there only once per day and for two hours max. Parents have to stay on the premises. They don't give any food or drink except water and don't change diapers. If the child cries or fusses too much, they page the parent. Same with diapers.

It's a great deal. I can get a workout and a shower and know that someone's keeping an eye on him and will page me immediately if there is any problem.

jenny said...

I should also mention, that I got paged today when I was almost dressed and ready to come get him. He was starting to get hungry and was fussing. When I came in, a woman was holding and bouncing him. By the time I got him, he was done fussing and seemed pretty content until we got home. Then he really wanted fed.