Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First Day of School

Curtis finally got the chance to show Thomas off around school. Monday afternoon, I brought the baby in and then watched the beginning of Curtis's baseball game. It was hysterical watching Curtis walk down the hall with the baby looking for one of his teacher friends. Behind him was a trail of girls going, "Oh, is that the baby? Wait, Mr. Pehl! I want to see the baby! Mr. Pehl?" The best line came from his friend Clouse. After talking to Curtis for a bit, Clouse glanced down, saw the baby, did a double take and exclaimed, "Holy crap! That's a PERSON!" I also ran into Tim and his daughter. They were the other couple at the joint school baby shower. She is a month and a half older than Thomas, but doesn't look that much bigger because she was born early. Gestationally, she's only two weeks older.

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