Friday, March 02, 2007

Week in Review

So last Friday (Curtis's birthday), the Women's Guild had their first ever soup supper at the church. I had volunteered to coordinate the event since I was the only one in the group with experience running one. (The boy and I ran a soup supper for Queen of All Saints last year.) It was quite different from Concord. There we had close to 200 people attend. At this parish, I was told that 50 would be an amazing turnout (even though the parish is MUCH larger than QAS.) We ended up having 35 or so. I made all the soup, which is pretty easy for that number of people. I made Tuscan Tomato Soup, Moraccan Bean Soup, and Corn and Shrimp Chowder all from my favorite soup cookbook. I got lots of complements on the soups and the people who were there seemed happy. Curtis came after work and helped me season the soups (my salt taste has been off since I got pregnant) and carry heavy pots. We, of course, had leftovers, which we served with lunch at the women's retreat the next day. It was a big hit. The leftover rolls that had been donated were kind of stale after sitting out, so I made them into bread pudding that I took to the Guild meeting Thursday and Curtis took the rest to work today.

Over the weekend, we had long talks and ran spreadsheets and made inquiries and decided to accept the job offer in California. We had intended Vegas to be the place where we finally settled down and put down roots, but life takes you in different directions sometimes. We won't actually be moving until late in the summer.

First, we have to have this baby. I'm so excited that it's finally March. When people ask when I'm due, I can say "at the end of THIS month." I had another boring, routine appointment with my doctor today. She'd had a rough week; she'd had to tell four women that their pregnancies were not going well. She said she was glad that I was doing so well. I think she enjoys seeing a routine, normal, healthy pregnancy. I got my letter clearing me to fly to Sam & Matt's wedding next weekend and copies of all my records just in case I go into labor in Colorado. March 10th seemed plenty far from my due date, but now at 36 weeks, it seems kind of crazy. Otherwise, I'm still going to the gym most days (though I've been very tired this week) and trying to keep my poor, swollen feet up as much as possible. The swelling in my hands has given me a mild case of carpal tunnel and the giant gut gets in the way when I'm trying to sleep. Even an "easy pregnancy" has plenty of unfun things.


Cheryl F. said...

Belly shot! The Man is cute (especially in Catholic soup-maker mode), but your adoring public wants another picture of you looking radiantly pregnant!

And let me know when you move - I'm always hankering to go down to visit Southern California, and I'd be more than happy to be an extra set of hands in exchange for a few moments of baby-holding time! :)

Meredith said...

Hey, Jenny! Through a rather roundabout process, I've tracked you down! Ha! Could you please send me an email at I'd appreciate it very much. Can't wait to catch up!