Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Short Notes

* Went to Curtis's team's baseball game yesterday. They actually won and even got to invoke the mercy rule, so we got home early.
* My mom is on her way and should arrive here tonight. Yay, Mom!
* Today's checkup revealed no change from last week. Doctor estimates that the baby is 7 lbs or a little less (yay, no giant baby!)
* People who tell you to get lots of sleep to prepare for being up with the baby have forgotten what it's like to be 9 months pregnant. In addition to the pains, aches, bathroom trips, munchies, and inability to breathe when lying down, there's also hormone fluctuations that make you feel very awake at, say, 3am. I'm so tired of insomnia!
* Am very thrilled to answer the question, "So, when are you due?" with "Oh, next week."

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Lidarose said...

...and YAY for being due next week!!

Don't worry, you'll get more sleep when the baby comes -- just shorter stints. My advice[unasked-for, please forgive me]: lay low as long as possible after the baby comes -- let people wait on you, don't get dressed if you don't have to, sleep when the baby sleeps, etc. You'll recover faster and be a lot calmer with the baby.