Monday, December 11, 2006

Las Vegas Marathon

Yesterday was the Las Vegas Marathon. It's actually two events. The real marathon went all over town including down the next major street to the East from us (huge traffic tangle). It was of course won by a Kenyan (who got $65,000 prize money).
The main event, though, is the mini-marathon that went down the strip. It was a total Vegas affair. 7 couples were married as they raced and another 11 renewed their vows. There were also 65 running Elvi. Last week, there was The Great Santa Run, where they attempted to set the world's record for most number of people racing in Santa suits. I haven't heard yet if they succeeded. Speaking of Santa, Curtis and I saw him Saturday driving a red convertible and towing his sleigh on a trailer. Real beard, suit, and everything. People were going nuts, honking and waving, while we were all stopped at a red light.

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