Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Catblogging and Yesterday's Doctor Appt.

Had my monthly doctor appointment yesterday. Everything still completely normal. I've gained 12 lbs, which is right on track. Gestational diabetes test came back negative and nothing unusual on the sonogram.

The great news is that my doctor will let me go to Sam and Matt's wedding in Colorado in March. I think they started dating before the boy and I did and Sam caught the bouquet at our wedding. I had called the doctor's office and they had told me that they could not recommend travel in the ninth month (and you have to have a doctor's note to fly when you are very pregnant), the doctor's assistant said the same thing. When I asked my doctor, though, she was totally cool about it; said it happened all the time, and that I would need a note from her and copies of all my labs in case I went into labor.

Since every post should have a picture, here's one of Beckham from this morning wearing its tail as a scarf.


Lemming said...

It's good to hear that things are moving along smoothly.

Also good to see someone picking up the slack -- Omen (AG's usual catblogging victim) hasn't been seen for a while, it appears.

jenny said...

Yeah, I've missed AG's Friday catblogging. He really should have just adopted Omen. Such a handsome cat.

Cheryl F. said...

Sam and Matt are now engaged?!? And about to be married?!? Dang, these Techer weddings never really stop, do they?