Monday, November 05, 2007

They Don't Like Free Food?

Sunday afternoon, we went to a "Parent Social" at the home of one of Curtis's students. It was a great party. I had lots of fun talking to people, Thomas got carried around and loved by many hands, and Curtis got some nice compliments from some of the parents. The home was pretty amazing with a pool, pool/guest house, tennis and basketball courts, and a huge, beautiful house. The food was really good and I got fairly full before they took it all away. Turns out, that was just the appetizers, because they brought out trays and trays of lunch, followed by desserts and coffee. There were so many leftovers, that they were giving them out to people to take home. We said we take some of anything and ended up with an entire tray of Caesar salad and three grocery sacks. I now see why the parents joke that the school should be renamed Gluttony High.

The weird thing was that while the entire administration was there, there were only two teachers including Curtis. The parents had to pay $15 for lunch, but the teachers were invited free along with any guests that they wanted to bring. So why wouldn't you go? Or at least stop in to see how the other half lives and snag some free food (and drinks, since the beer and wine was flowing freely)? Maybe Curtis and I are still influenced by our grad school days and would go to just about anything that promised free food, but I just can't think of an explanation for the pathetic teacher turnout.

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