Thursday, August 30, 2007

Settling In

The mountain of boxes is growing progressively smaller, but you still have to think skinny thoughts to navigate the living room. I like this places kitchen a lot already though. I'm putting stuff away and can't remember what's in this one cabinet. I pull it open and it's EMPTY! To have an empty cabinet this late in the game is huge. This may be the first time that all (or nearly all) of our kitchen stuff is actually in the kitchen. My goal is to get totally unpacked in time to throw myself a birthday party in two weeks.

It's almost back to school time. Curtis has been in meetings most of this week. Thomas and I got to go to the new faculty welcome picnic. It was in the backyard of one of the administrators and was catered (steak and shrimp). The crowd was younger than the last school and seemed pretty nice.

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