Monday, June 11, 2007

School's Out for the Summer

Right now, it is blissfully quiet here. Curtis took Thomas to go and submit the grades. After this, we are free, free, free until sometime near the end of August. We've already got plans to be out of Vegas (and its heat) for most of the summer and visit friends and family. This month, we need to go to L.A. and find a place to live. July will be a 4 week trip to Missouri and Baltimore. And in August, we're going to northern CA and Washington. It'll be lots of fun, though I keep hoping that gas prices will drop soon.

In other news, Thomas is happily settled in his crib. It's the same crib that I slept in as a baby. He took to it right away (mercifully). However, with all the years of education between the two of us, it still took us way too long to put the crib together. I think we made every possible mistake. We tried to put the springs in upsidedown, then figured out that the side was also upsidedown. We were also trying to do this in a narrow space in our hot bedroom. But after some choice words and a lot of sweat, it came together. He looks so tiny in the crib after nearly filling his bassinet.

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