Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life Still Worth Living

So the last post came after a couple of really bad days. Things are significantly better now that I discovered that the gym has exercise classes in the pool every morning except Sunday. The classes are almost entirely senior citizens, which is lots of fun. Nothing makes you feel young and beautiful like hanging out with old folks. The instructor was talking about her great-grandchildren. One man was telling me how I could see what I had to look forward to: aches and pains. I told him that I had those already. At least mine will go away in another couple of months.

On Tuesday, the baby dropped. That means he turned head-down and settled down lower (unfortunately, directly onto my bladder). This gives him more room to stretch and positions him better for birth. The side effects are that I have to go to the bathroom every half hour or so and for some reason, having him so low makes me queasy. Also, my stomach doesn't stick out as far, so I can be mistaken for fat again. Some of the old folks said they couldn't tell I was pregnant. Since I've already gained 20 pounds and feel gi-normous, that made me very sad.

Went to the doctor's yesterday for my checkup, which pretty much just means that they check my weight and blood pressure, the baby's heartrate, and ask me if the baby's moving and how I'm doing. It doesn't seem worth the drive most of the time. Anyways, my doctor told me that she's 25 weeks pregnant with her 1st. Thank goodness she's due more than a month after I am. After all the trouble I had finding a doctor, I wouldn't want to have to switch again.

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